I see pictures everywhere I go. Art, in all its forms, is a part of who I am, and what I love. Paintings in a museum, play productions, concerts… It’s what makes me, me.

My contribution has always been in my ability to capture art with a camera. I could try to impress you with my sweet dance moves or my voice (I’ve been told I’d make a great rock star), but it’s my photos that really shine. For me, photography is something that’s very internal; I mentally click pictures all day, everywhere I go. I believe that I have the talent to take a remarkable picture in any situation, whether it is a jaw-dropping landscape or an empty room.

While I truly enjoy photographing babies, couples, and families, nothing compares to the feeling of joy I get when I get to shoot a wedding. It may not be apparent, but I am a true romantic at heart. Weddings are enjoyable to shoot because they are unique and special to every couple. The individuality of every wedding requires the photographer to be flexible, and I welcome the challenge every time; I can adapt to any situation and capture the moments that should be remembered forever.

I am passionate about my work, and always feel honored to be involved in these wonderful moments of my client’s lives. I am a positive person by nature, and I pride myself in having the ability to establish a strong relationship with my clients.

I currently work out of South Jersey/Philadelphia. I love to travel, and would always be open to doing so for your event! From Boston, MA to Captavia, FL and beyond – I’m always open for a change in scenery.